These events will be for aspiring adult and junior athletes wanting to accumulate NVL points for the 2017 pro tour. Please read the registration page for each event.

This series was created to give more players the opportunity to compete and gain NVL Pro points for NVL Pro events.
Tournament entry requirements:

Competition Format:
Seeding will be based off of current NVL points and will be a double elimination tournament.

Winner’s Bracket will be match play

Contender’s Bracket TBD

NVL Points

Players will accumulate NVL points from this event. If a player gets 1st place in the event they will receive points equivalent to a 17th place finish in an NVL Pro tournament and trickle down from there.

1st: 180 points/player
2nd: 150 points/player
3rd: 120 points/player
5th: 90 points/player
7th: 60 points/player

*These points gained at this event will not count towards a players total points to qualify for the NVL Players Championships.

Also, points from this event can be used to help a players seed average or entry points if needed.

Adding more dates all around the country for NVL RIZE Points Series. Please be patient for a complete schedule.

If interested in hosting an event please contact NVL RIZE director Tyler Counts (469)556-4745.

2017 Schedule

Date Event Location Affiliate
April 1st Champagne Volleyball NVL RIZE Coppell, TX Sports Gardens
April 8th NVL RIZE Digs Volleyball Covington, LA Digs Volleyball
April 22nd Bulldog Beach NVL RIZE Navarre, FL Bulldog Beach Volleyball
April 22nd Champagne Volleyball NVL RIZE Coppell, TX Sports Gardens
May 7th CMA NVL RIZE  Port St. Lucie, FL  NVL Academies
May 12th NVL RIZE Dallas Double Points Coppell, TX Sports Gardens
June 17th NVL RIZE San Antonio San Antonio, TX Sideliners Grill